21st century blues…

I officially have the 21st century blues. In The past week, while trying to wrap up the new FBM video, The external harddrive has shit the bed, the modem fried, the ethernet port went haywire, the television that was being used as a video monitor stopped working, and today my phone went nuts and ended up in several pieces. If you thought I had your phone number before, I dont any more, so call or email with that info. If anyone knows anything about data retrieval off of freaked out hard drives, let me know about that as well. In not bad news, This bike is a Pipe Bomb played at ECT yesterday, on the Planet X records fest/ tour, here is Mike Tag, and the Crandialer with Rymodee, Ted and Terry of the infamous Pipe Bomb, during a paking lot BBQ. Check the Planet X website, and find out when its coming to your town, its 9 bands, (30 dirty Punk kids) in a school bus, includung Mary from arkansas, of Tree of Knowledge book sales, on the road for the next month. In other news, it’s summertime, have some fun.

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