2012 yearend slideshow.

Another rotation around the sun, and another laundry list of sins we hope to wash away with resolutions and a fresh start.
For FBM, it was nothing short of bizarre, hosting events based loosely on coffee and pizza, spanning the continent with lunatics in a post apocalyptic school bus, laughing and hi fiving, all while still making some of the best bikes in the industry, trying to support BMX the best we can, and generally just trying to make it in a weird and changing world.
Amongst other things that were not so easy to deal with this past year, We lost one of the founding members of FBM to a hard battle with Cancer. To honor Mike Tag, we are going to make 2013 the best we can, the year of the snake.
Here’s to good times, with good people, great bikes, and a brighter tomorrow! We have learned a lot so far, and we learned the hard way. Let’s keep on keeping on!
Thanks to all of the staff, and team at FBM, and to everyone out there for the continued support! We heart you guys!

Check out this slide show from some of this years travel and adventures…

Untitled from FBM BMX on Vimeo.