2010 V2 Completes Full Line

Warlord MSRP: $725

Vital has the Heathen featured in their newest Gear Guide, click the link to check out Kenny and Tom shredding on it. Pretty bizarre and awesome to watch team dudes ride a $450 complete bike.

We launched the new Executioner and Heathen a few months back and the rest of the line will be landing this Fall. Here are photos of the bikes, full specs will be on the site some time this week.

Warlord MSRP: $725 Marauder MSRP: $499 Marauder MSRP: $499 Heathen MSRP: $445 Heathen MSRP: $445 Executioner MSRP: $340 Executioner MSRP: $340 Guillotine MSRP: $279 Guillotine MSRP: $279

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